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Message Subject The Hero's Journey
Poster Handle cecirdr
Post Content
"What does it take to be a hermit these days? Do you think that this time around the hermit is the option or do you think that our place is to live and work in the "real" world while still maintaining our Center (which is really challenging.)"

On a certain level, it's embarrassing how many times I've vacillated between those two ideas. Right now, I'm still in the "real world" with all of its distractions, but yet I feel detached. And I don't want to re-attach so strongly again.

At the moment, I'm unable to be a hermit either, but I admit the urge is strong. ...surrounded by so much talk,noise, and junk portrayed at valuable, blech. And I know that to change it, it's irrelevant to carp, nag, and bitch. There is no way to change "anyone else". I have to interpret what this means to "me" and what it's telling me about this set of fractal beliefs that I have. (I *really* liked that phrase)

So...despite all the distractions, I keep working on understanding my beliefs and pondering how to change them. Considering how many changes are crossing my path lately and how uncomfortable I've been feeling, I'd say I am into some new turf. My brain may not understand it, nor see the "future" probablities, but I have to have faith that progress is still occurring along my desired goal/story.

Good luck to you with family moving so close. I get along well with mine, but I still don't really fit in, though they do humor me. :) So...I'm in Oregon, and they're in MS and GA. How far away is Tuscon from you? Perhaps setting visiting ground rules??? I can't stand it when people show up unannounced and assume that I'm living just waiting for their "company". (definite strong belief on that one eh??)

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