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Message Subject The Hero's Journey
Poster Handle cecirdr
Post Content
Hi freyja, hi

I think miscreant hit the nail on the head with the fractal truth wording. "We all" experience different truths.

In my ponderings (which some may call meditation) I often encounter a feeling that I can only describe as "I" don't exist. Nothing exists save for consciousness and it's infinite. I get feelings of immense joy and "largness" ...I really don't have words to describe "it". But "I" cease to exist. So I've interpreted it to mean that the "I" is ultimately an illusion.

It doesn't really matter how we all are dreaming up our truths. Just so long as they work for you.

Ceci (changing all the time...changing *what*...I dunno...all I can relate to is being change)
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