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Message Subject The Hero's Journey
Poster Handle cecirdr
Post Content
"Yeah, but so what? That is at cross-purposes to your individual existence. You are not as you are to be 'one'. You are creating multiplicity. Enjoy it!"
It may be a "so what" to you, but it's been a revelatory moment for me. One that filled me with awe and joy.

I do not experience having an individual existence. My experience of "individualness" is getting less and less. I have felt myself vanish. That is why I say the things I do. These are not just thoughts. These are my *experiences*.

I have felt compelled to try to explain my truth in a manner that can be comprehended...using words that I feel are woefully inadequate. But it's not in an attempt to change your mind. You must have faith in me asgardhr. I am not lost. No one is lost. That is not possible. Your soul and mind are one. There are no cross purposes. As it has been said before, the will of the father is the will of the son.

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