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Message Subject The Hero's Journey
Poster Handle cecirdr
Post Content
"Or, perhaps you are simply blurring the boundaries and creating a fuller more expansive experience....is that it?!

I'm actually not sure what it means asgardhr. The sensations are fairly new...as in the last few months. But your interpretation may be fairly accurate.

There's still enough "me" here to not want to experience death yet. It does feel like there's something "I" want to "do"...but this brain wants to "do" it via being the behind the scenes creator...the director, producer, or writer of the script, not an actor. (even though this brain recognizes that playing any of those roles is still an acting part...to live is to act)

Thus I'm developing the new theory of experiencing life as the unmoved mover. The concept of not being a doer yet creating life experiences and recognizing my hand in the process via the actions of "others" is the best interpretation this brain can come up with to figure out how this "no I" experience fits into life. Thus my brain came up with the idea of creating via beliefs and creating vast experiences, but not being the *active* painter of the scene. It doesn't feel odd to me anymore to recognize that when a song or painting enters my life that "I" made that, even though "I" didn't physically paint it. This brain used to understand this concept intellectually, but the "I" didn't live it. But one day, "I" *felt* it. The painter, "I", and the painting all blur...can't explain it...no words really. The experience is very expansive, so huge that "I" can only liken it to being the probability cloud. The feeling is immense, and ecstatic...electricity and joy...so full of potential.

This brain may have made an interpretation error as to the meaning of these pondering events. The experience is new enough that "I'm" still all perplexed by "it".

Ceci (the words are terrible, I isn't the right word to describe the individuation...none of these words are right.)

Edit...maybe the best way I can explain it is when these feelings arise, I *feel* the concept of never having been born and knowing that I cannot die. For that instant, I'm everywhere, everything. Thus no separation of any kind. "Other" is me, I am "other".
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