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Message Subject Zombie OTTER goes apeshit, attacks triathlete in lake; bites woman 25 times!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ok this reminds of this standoff I had witha squirrel last week. I recently moved into a new apartment and a squirrel decided to start building a nest in my ceiling (theres a gap between the old and new roofs that offers shade). The squirrel would come and go multiple times a day and was extremely loud every time so I would know when it was trying to get into my ceiling.

I tried chasing it away but its as though it was not scared of me at all. It went down to the sidewalk in front of my apartment but would just wait there. I sat in my chair and it would come up about two feet away from my feet and stop. I would stare it down and it would stare me down but it WOULD NOT go away! It even tried to get up there with me standing right there.

There was nothing I could do to convince this squirrel that I was a threat. I sprayed it with pepper spray and the drain pipe it climbs up and it barely phased it. The maintenance guy finally caught it and its gone now but its so weird that it was not afraid of me at all. I don't think it had rabies or anything it just seemed like it didn't give a fuck about me for some reason. A lot of mammals seem to be struggling lately....
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