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Message Subject While Assad Is Murdering...
Poster Handle Xerxes
Post Content
Is there any justification for armed rebellion?

Sometimes armed rebellion is justified.

Is it in this case? Before the armed rebellion was Assad killing people that didn't deserve to die, allowing rape to occur?

If his rule was just and lawful, then he should NOT tolerate armed rebellion.

It doesn't matter what his religion is. If he is Islamic and and his rule is just over his kingdom then suppressing armed rebellion is justified.

If his rule was lawful then the loss of life in his kingdom rests SQUARELY upon the people engaged in armed rebellion without justification.

If you can show me a link to information that proves his rule was like Gaddafi's then the armed rebellion is justified and the loss of life rests squarely upon his unlawful rule over his kingdom like Gaddafi allowing rape to occur, I will read it.

If the man is as unjust as Gaddafi, then he should be dethroned.
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