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Message Subject Arizona is a joke : Governor Brewer is a private prison WHORE!
Poster Handle stella stevens
Post Content
So much for the GOP being a champion of state' rights.

We in AZ voted overwhelmingly in favor of a medical marijuana program that has been ignored and shunned by our "crypt keeper" governor who "doesn't like" the bill.

Guess what Gov, we don't like your fucking guns allowed in bars and schools bill but have have allowed it because this is what our people voted for, we are A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC right?

This woman is a whore to the CORRECTIONS CORPORATION OF AMERICA, through the American Legislative Executive Counsil, these sick fucks sit in Washington DC and decide with their lobby groups which new "laws" they want established.

So it is not too hard to see through these douchebags and explains the whole SB1070 thing, she doesn't care about ILLEGALS or weed, she just wants people in prison so her company that she whores to (CCA ) gets money when people are incarcerated, either pot heads or mexicans.

WHat a lovely woman this Brewer is huh? What a champion of State's rights that she claims to be.

She is nothing but another whore to the private prison industry and will continue to find "ways" to throw her people in jail.

What a fucking joke Arizona is, so much for state's rights! rant

Thanks for listening, now where to move to?
 Quoting: DrumrDude

Youre the dope wanting medical marijuana in your state. We havr here in Los Angeles and it is do alot of harm.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17216234

You know what bro, talk to me about ALCOHOL first and then you will get respect. Anyone who bitches about weed and is fine with ALCOHOL being pushed heavily on our society is not going to be a respected opinion, you just come across as stupid.

Talk to me about booze being removed from our society and then you will have respect.

Common sense dude, weed has TONS of medicinal value : you have just not been educated on it apparently.

Learn to read a bit and don't believe what FOX news tells you!
 Quoting: DrumrDude

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