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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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@ aether and Swing...

I'm not sure how to spit it out right...

Do you remember a year ago we went into communication thread talking about holons etc...the cme's visual I just got was that the output is for ion charging or something? I don't know the science for it but it clears a path for a direct connection...clarity... the whole energy pillar thing is about the holon stuff...

Going back to that video showing the plasmoids launching or what ever from the surface of the sun...thinking along those lines...probably come back to this later...kinda in a rush right now...

A Holon is a pillar of energy between Paradise and earth. I build them all the time to protect homes here that are placed to close to the street and risk cars running into them.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

In your understanding is that similar to the concept of djed pillars? These holons?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1383816


[link to www.esalenctr.org]

According to Wilber, the Twenty Tenets are an attempt to summarize and draw some basic conclusions from dynamic systems theory and the contemporary evolutionary sciences. Calling them "tendencies of evolution" or "propensities of manifestation," the Twenty Tenets operate throughout the three great domains of evolution: the physiosphere, the biosphere, and the noosphere (or matter, life, and mind).

Ken Wilber’s Twenty Tenets are:

1. Reality is not composed of things or processes, but of holons, which are wholes that are simultaneously parts.

2. Holons display four fundamental capacities:
a. self-preservation (agency)
b. self-adaptation (communion)
c. self-transcendence
d. self-dissolution

3. Holons emerge.

4. Holons emerge holarchically.

5. Each holon transcends and includes its predecessors.

6. The lower sets the possibilities of the higher; the higher sets the probabilities of the lower.

7. The number of levels which a hierarchy comprises determines whether it is ‘shallow’ or ‘deep;’ and the number of holons on any given level we shall call its ‘span.’

8. Each successive level of evolution produces greater depth and less span.

9. Destroy any type of holon, and you will destroy all of the holons above it and none of the holons below it.

10. Holarchies co-evolve. The micro is always within the macro (all agency is agency in communion).

11. The micro is in relational exchange with macro at all levels of its depth.

12. Evolution has directionality:
a. increasing complexity.
b. increasing differentiation/integration.
c. increasing organization/structuration.
d. increasing relative autonomy.
e. increasing telos.

 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 865798

"From a culture's point of view, it is far better if your everyday mind, the habitual, automatized way you think and feel, is shaped to reflect the culture's consensus beliefs and values. Then you will automatically experience the right perceptions and interpretations, and so it will be 'natural' to act in the culturally appropriate way, even when there are no agents of social coercion around."
~WAKING UP by Charles T. Tart

[link to www.holons.org]
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