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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
@ aether and Swing...

I'm not sure how to spit it out right...

Do you remember a year ago we went into communication thread talking about holons etc...the cme's visual I just got was that the output is for ion charging or something? I don't know the science for it but it clears a path for a direct connection...clarity... the whole energy pillar thing is about the holon stuff...

Going back to that video showing the plasmoids launching or what ever from the surface of the sun...thinking along those lines...probably come back to this later...kinda in a rush right now...
 Quoting: aruna

i remember , both you and swinger got holons as emotional contacts and i never connected myself at the time, there was no attraction to me
now, since my tensegrity experience of yesterday i do get holon connectivity
it feels like tensegrity structures of "fine" energy
a bit like the definition/boundary/membrane

it seems i connected to the units within the structure so felt through the "membrane" as if it was not there
now i am detecting it

if that makes sense
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