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Poster Handle Swinging on Spirals
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Thread: Thinking is Electric and a New Look at Balance - Neg/Pos/Neg with Positive Being the Fulcrum (Page 7)

In a dualistic concept we think of positive/negative being just that. On one side there is positive, and the other negative. Balance is strived for between the two.

That is incorrect, and this idea has radically changed my thought form concerning this, as I could not see how there was actual balance between this, except for mathematically.

ok i agree with mr. russells words BECAUSE of his use of seperation in when discussing the spiritual world as stillness and the physical being motion

not to be offensive it just struck me as a persepective that could be adjusted.

in your above statement you make the statement that the idea of dualism is incorrect in thinking about positive and negative (excluding mathematically)

but the man your quoting saying that when discussing the physical world there is necessity for positive and negative forces.

you could say im being nit picky but i just think that since we live in a physical world melted between a spiritual world it's important to understand characteristics shared and also those that are unique to the realm being discussed

innn order to more fully understand that which you call reality is doing
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6257277

I agree. This is summarized, so there will be some details that are not presented 100% accurately.

I am looking at the structure of how we view dualistic properties.

Basically, we look at it as positive/negative, with balance somewhere between.

Instead, look at positive as the fulcrum point, with negative out to either side of the fulcrum point. The closer to the fulcrum point (balance) the closer to positive aspects of the universe. The further out the swing, the more imbalance with that system; and thus, the further from positive attributes.

I am not discounting either value of positive/negative within the manifested reality of matter. Instead, I am viewing it with the positive condition of the universe being the fulcrum point, with imbalance being the negative.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

HA! Just had a good flash!

The closer to the fulcrum when oscillating, the faster the vibration frequency! The further the the swing towards 'negativity' or extremities, the slower the vibration frequency!
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