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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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On the Shoulders of Suppressed Giants Part Two
Jul 23, 2012

In bestsellers published in 1882 and 1883, the American politician and amateur scientist Ignatius Loyola Donnelly (1831-1901) perpetuated the enthralling hypothesis of a comet’s near-collision with the earth, provoking mayhem in the form of floods, fires, mass extinction and tectonic changes on a global scale.

Donnelly specifically appealed to the comet’s interruption of the earth’s rotation as a potential explanation for the prolonged day of Joshua: ‘Were the heat, the conflagrations, and the tearing up of the earth’s surface caused by such an arrestment or partial slowing-up of the earth’s revolution on its axis?’ The same argument resurfaced in Velikovsky’s account, where the comet doubled as Venus.

William Comyns Beaumont (1873-1956) was an eccentric British journalist and lecturer, whose aberrant astronomical speculations, published between 1925 and 1932, find startling counterparts in Velikovsky’s books, which appeared some 2 decades afterwards: many geological features as well as mass extinctions were due to a cometary collision; cometary tails deposited vermin as well as hydrocarbons; religion arose from the fear and worship of comets; Saturn was a former comet responsible for the Biblical deluge; Venus’ apparent colour, diameter and orbit changed in historical times; countless deities were identified with planets or commemorated a cometary dragon; cosmic lightning was of paramount importance; the year originally lasted 360 days and catastrophes necessitated calendar revisions; and scholars had erroneously inflated ancient chronology by several centuries. To top it off, Beaumont had associated his cometary planet Saturn with a smattering of catastrophic events dated to the 14th century BCE, linked the intruder to the Greek myth of Phaethon and argued that it spawned planetary offspring in the form of Jupiter. It goes without saying that all of these ideas carry a distinct Velikovskian flavour avant la lettre. Even drastic revisions of historical geographic locations were a shared interest of both writers....................
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