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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
the structure and function of gaia causes that /z\ experience for us
our structure and function does not effect gaia in the same way
thus we are within the structural function effects of things not ourselves
and gaia is the same
and our sun is the same
and our galaxy is the same
and our moving groupd of galaxies is the same
as our new to us universe information becomes more known we will fit the new to us information to our known to us experiences of thousands of years and likley retranslate what we and all that is not we is
 Quoting: aether

on the whole....with a broad view.......seems like magnets to me?

 Quoting: Garmr

i have heard that from others , magnets seem a synergistic (emotional) visble sign of something that interests people thus magnets (something) becomes intergrated into their decription of themselves

it seems
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