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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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To be clear James I'm not saying do or don't but be wise. Sometimes we have to go through things too for various reasons. My thought is we are all already are just fine and dandy on one level, we make things more than we should (give creedence to labels/names/intelligence(ego purposes/awe), fear, want to belong, etc.), and we need to keep it simple.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45751339

Thank you for your concern hugs

This could all just be a flash in a pan for all I know, I am just going with it and will see where it takes me, I have no fear of it, it feels appealing to my senses, and I am being given guidance to help me further understand so as a better informed choice can be made.

Recall I have been alone most of my life, I have screamed to the universe for many years to send me company :)

Hence the appealing to my senses.

Vitruvian man springs to mind.

If you think on it
My life has been set up, so something like this does appeal to me, I have no religion at all, so no fear that is normally ingrained in to society from something like this, none at all, lol, yet like I said, it is speculation, but with fringe bringing it up, some of my 'meetings' I have had, the meteors I keep seeing.

How about one of you on here who has some skills go ask for me?
 Quoting: acuk

I would if I could. :). I think your best bet for things of this nature and magnitude is outside the internet from my understanding. The whole "robed, hidden faces" people also struck me as odd as well. Just be extra, extra careful. There are people around in various places who can help. Also spirit can send them in the physical (when the time is right.) Make sure you ask yourself what it is you really want - aka be a vessel for the highest good of all, etc so you are clear on it and set that as your intention. I'm putting this out there as a reminder cause I figure you know what your doing but someone else reading this somewhere may think oh I want to try that. Hope that helps James. Take care.
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