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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle V(pi)3³
Post Content
Just saw this in the sidebar:

An inmate dies after eating a fellow prisoner’s underwear. Why the underwear owner is now facing murder charges


An inmate at a Kentucky prison is charged with murder after another inmate’s bizarre death.

Michael B. Jones, 55, recently returned after a court ordered furlough, and is believed to have brought a pair of underwear back into prison soaked in methadone.

He allegedly shared pieces of the underwear with fellow inmates.

 Quoting: [link to fox43.com]


I'd make a very wise quip about the plaintiff needing a fatal dose of naltrexone (….ouch….) , but the reality here is that every agent of the US DEA is a heinous and vindictive criminal, and they should all go to jail, every last one of them.

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