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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle V(pi)3³
Post Content
you posted with a GB ip earlier in an attempt to make everyone think you were orbs. lol

then you denied being yourself. lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62070957

It's okay, I NEVER use GB anymore, and, I would not waste my time attacking, I already said my piece, aethers hiding says it all really.

To let you know his apprentice has registered the business at his fucking mums house in Milton Keynes, made his mother the secretary of the company and most likely has a single computer in a singular room, I will never get my money off of them through court proceedings, it will cost me a young father around £500 in total to go court and get a sheriff to go to the house, to tell me they have a room with a shit computer in it.


You better watch out.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 59828537


Here's the deal, I'm an intellectual mercenary. You all know my game.

That's said, I'm inextricably a double agent.

I never work for evil. And I never work for free.

aether has provided a great deal to me in the way of understanding and indeed, even personal reflection. He is an amazing person and one-of-a-kind.

The questions of course in my Mind are, what work have I done for aether, what is he being paid for any of that, and also what if anything do I deserve that I'm not getting.

…. hmmm. I wonder how many scenarios can I have drawn up in my PFC by the time I finish typing this.

Funny tho' how in not a single one, do I lose.
 Quoting: V(pi)3³

Do you have two children to feed? were you talked in to walking away from a perfectly normal paying job and left with no food or money to pay your bills while those who employed you were in Amsterdam fucking whores, even though they were 2 months behind on paying you!

Have you ever met the real person in real life, or merely interacted with the persona created! [RE: I consider myself able to distinguish and yet I do know myself to be far from infallible in this regard]

Aether has several houses in most of the wealthiest areas of my country and a few abroad, yet they choose to do this to me, ha, he would come and meet me once a week for months before we started to work together, I would tell him about my experiences, most of the subjects he would bring up on here during the last 6 months of his time on here, were what I gave him, my coat tails pi, what I was going through and would discuss with him once a week when he would ask me to get him some weed, these pricks saying they know gangsters and trying to threaten me but cant even get some decent weed lol.

You did not lose anything because you never invested anything, I did.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 59828537

You were always a cut above in my books. You would speak in knowed terms about things I thought myself to be alone in experiencing, and beyond.

You are exemplary in your Spirituality and frankly if I had a kid, I'd entrust the care of that kid to someone like you, James (James IIRC….? Sorry if that's wrong).

If I were in charge, you would be knighted. Quite frankly. Alas my worldly knowledge of legal affairs extents not far, but, I can give you my email if you'd like so we can discuss this further. As I would like to help you but am unsure of how….
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