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Subject BYOB! Welcome to the GLP bar! Have a couple drinks, and relax.
Poster Handle Dreamtek: euphoric
Post Content
Hello, this should be the the thread for late night frolicking. Dealing with reality can be frustrating, reading most of the topics on GLP, can be frustrating, so, after a long hard day, let's all just kick back, have a couple laughs, and be friends!

:pours my favourite nightly concoction: Welcome!

Has anyone heard any good ones, lately?

Ps. I have a hunch, i'm not the only one who has a drink.

Disclaimer: Please follow drinking laws associated with your country. This thread is NOT condoning the use of alcohol by minors, nor anyone who should not be drinking alcohol, ie anyone pregnant or who may be operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. PSA #2012
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