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Message Subject DARPA neuroscience research and the batman massacre
Poster Handle Present and Aware
Post Content
Operation Aurora

Enter the Cyber-dragon
Hackers have attacked America’s defense establishment, as well as companies from Google to Morgan Stanley to security giant RSA, and fingers point to China as the culprit. The author gets an exclusive look at the raging cyber-war—Operation Aurora! Operation Shady rat!—and learns why Washington has been slow to fight back.

[link to www.vanityfair.com]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: Jimb0

We'd be so much further ahead of this world's evil if the world's citizens learned to read and recognize the Illuminati's language of symbolism:

aurora etymology:
late 14c., from L. Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, from PIE *ausus- "dawn," also the name of the Indo-European goddess of the dawn, from root *aus- "to shine," especially of the dawn (cf. Gk. eos "dawn," auein "to dry, kindle;" Skt. usah, Lith. ausra "dawn;" L. auster "south wind," usum "to burn;" O.E. east "east").

The "New Dawn" is a common theme for the NWO. There's a very significant reason this was staged in Aurora.
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