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Message Subject Nebraska Wildfire Burning Out of Control sparked by lightning..100,000 acres burning.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If it is really that big, don't you find it interesting that you haven't heard anything about it in Mitchell?

The fact that the major news agencies have not picked up on this is that they really just don't care....obviously Nebraska isn't high on their list of priorities. As a native of this area of Nebraska, it really pisses me off!

My parents live only 6 miles from the Niobrara River Valley and have been watching several fires rage for the past several days. My family farms, so my dad and brothers have been taking tankers of water down to the fires around our area. There are several fires beyond the Fairfield Fire, so resources are being stretched thin.

As far as the comment about being mostly farms. There are many farms in the area, however most of the areas where the fires are located is full of canyons, trees, and brush meaning it is only used for grazing cattle. As of now they are trying to keep it contained within canyons, thereby lowering the loss of homes. Most of the cattle have been moved and any residents living within the valley, in the path of the fires, have been told to evacuate.

I can only hope and pray that they are able to gain control of the fires soon, but with temps reaching over 100 degrees and howling winds that is unlikely. I was born and raised in this area and it pains me to see the land and people that I love being effected this way!
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