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Subject Putin: August 3rd Will Be National Black Sabbath Day In Russia
Poster Handle Mordier L'eft
Post Content
In what is perhaps the strangest move in his second stint as Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has declared that August 3rd will be a day in the country to honor rock legends Black Sabbath. Putin picked the day because it is the 40th anniversary to the day that he acquired (illegally) his copy of the “Master Of Reality” album. The album allegedly changed his life forever and for many years he was known in some circles as Black Sabbath’s biggest fan in the Eastern Hemisphere. He is still known to this day to take in doses of “Behind The Wall Of Sleep”, “Lord Of This World”, and “Warning” when doing his heaviest thinking or indulging in relaxation. There will be parades of people dressed in traditional 70′s wear and rumor has it that one of the many members from the band’s past will attend the official state ceremony. Proceeds raised will go to the Restore Bill Ward charity. We’ll have more on this story after we indulge in some of the sweet leaf.

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