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Subject I was being censored by a local state media outlet. Took 5 hours to finally post the information I wanted to share.
Poster Handle CriticalThinking
Post Content
I browse this news site frequently while at work. Mainly to read up on other citizens opinions on state issues, or in some cases national issues such at the Aurora shooting.

One person posted a comment stating they felt it was a setup, MKultra may be involved etc. Someone else replied to him asking him to clarify. He didn't, so I created a quick post to shine some light and let others see what some people think actually happened.

They have a policy about offensive posts and such, but this post was 100% respectful, and purely informative. So far 8 other posts have been approved and posted (they screen them, go figure) and as of yet, both of my posts are non-exsistant.

Sorry for any spelling issues, kind of irritated right now.

Here's the comment section related to the article.

[link to www.ksl.com]

The post I was replying to was "Daniel H"'s post.

As of now, 2 comments pending. Both mine. When first submitted there were 18 posts total.


EDIT: 9:24AM Second comment got posted and approved, however, the more detailed and more revealing comment is still being held. It's been 1.5 hours now. Maybe it's because I hint that the media lie's through their teeth in that post?
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