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Message Subject I was being censored by a local state media outlet. Took 5 hours to finally post the information I wanted to share.
Poster Handle CriticalThinking
Post Content
Here is what I posted, thank god I remembered to save it.
I would have to agree with Daniel H.

Here are some examples...

First off, let's take the uncensored audio from the Aurora EMS/FIRE/PD stream. This clip is from 12:11A to 2:41A.
[link to www.qsl.net]

Not ONE mention of orange hair to start.

Shooting starts at 28m 7s into the recording for the start of the shooting.

Fast Forward to 1 hour 44 min 33 seconds for specifics regarding two shooters Police state something like keep media away, shooters are in theater 8 and 9.

[link to www.youtube.com] --- This man's interview has been serverely condensed. He was in theatre 8 and stated their door was opened also, their auditorium filled heavily with smoke also, I will try to find the full length interview but the more myself and others dig, the more information dissapears. As of right now ALL links provided in this comment work 100%. Keep that in mind everyone.

Here is a interview from one of the victims. Corbin Dayton.
[link to www.9news.com]

Oh you mean Corbin J. Kent? Actor and Photographer?
[link to www.modelmayhem.com]

Granted his profile is two years old and hes put on a little weight, but acting experience or still an actor non the less.

As for how "psycho" he looks, ever stop to think he's been drugged up to the ears.... [link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]

All I'm getting at, is a lot of people on these boards say "oh look a spin in the artcile" or "biased article" or the likes, but when it comes to something like this... that couldnt possibly happen.
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