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London Olympics Logo Representing "Penal Code"

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07/26/2012 01:27 PM
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London Olympics Logo Representing "Penal Code"
London Olympics Logo Representing "Penal Code"

[link to park.geocities.jp]

[link to book.geocities.jp]

The date of the bidding for the Olympics hosting, the date of the unveiling of the Olympics logo and the date of the opening of the London Olympics have been probably part of Japan's conspiracy.

I am Japanese. I admire Western people. I had good Arabic friends when I was in the US. Nowadays I often admire some African people. But I hate the Japanese imperial clan. I can't see London being bullied by the clan.

This message is probably posted at the worst time. But it is just a coincidence.

I have already revealed this information in Japanese 10 days ago.

Translation is a very hard work for me, a non-native speaker of English.