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Cool interactive map lets you explore 786 known exoplanets

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20901671
07/31/2012 08:11 AM
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Cool interactive map lets you explore 786 known exoplanets
Exoplanets: an interactive version of XKCD 1071

All blue and light brown planets are smaller than Jupiter. Brown represents the planets larger than Jupiter, while red represents the largest of them all. For the color by distance option, the more blue a planet is, the further away it is from the nearest star.

Click on them:
[link to codementum.org]

There are 786 exoplanets shown on the interactive map. Meanwhile, the Exoplanet Encyclopedia shows 777 planets as of todayís date. Why the difference? Well, astronomers like other scientists donít always agree on whatís what. They have to argue about some things with each other for awhile before everyone will accept those things as true. And thatís how science works.

Of course, at the rate new exoplanets are being discovered there will soon be many more than 777, or 786, exoplanets known in our Milky Way galaxy. According to estimates released earlier this year, there might be 100 billion planets in our galaxy....

[link to earthsky.org]