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08/01/2012 06:26 PM
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Polution and World Control

It's not uncommon to gather that our world is publicized by polution. It incriminates ones detrimentle duality to gather information that ceases to belong to the whole universe. Unannounced we go under speculative view. We embody harmonic wave frequencies that establish ground controls, distributive factors weigh into play. To imoralize these factors we set off radiotransmissive elabrorators set forth to create distructive patterens promoting the earths hemosphere to colide with its natural patterns. Therefore we can establish polution on a public basis.
Pleadians- their high ranking moral code.

To distribute love with imortality, a quality that can't be established on earth. Generations far exceed gravetational stand points to which they were founded. Enriched with love these fellow gaurdians conjured up methods to promote happiness to our planet. They evolved from species much like our own and set ground rules souly based on love to radiate into earths hemosphere. Much is to be advised from these fellow ledgislaters. Can you keep up with their frequency is the queston. A famous quote I like to admire "rejouvinating loves shield," fellow Pleadian ambassador. Much can be attained from their injunction with warmth and love they share with you happiness:)

Assertive Reasoning Promotes Positive Willpower

It can be attained.
It's customary to ridicule with sharp words. Stabbing wounds in the auric field cleansing them is another question. Prognosis responds accordingly. Dermatology represents salveric compounds to rejouvinate the skin. Components barricaded to ones belief system, stiemed from indecentcy opposed to radiating light. Transforming molecules into a greater love substance will heal the being. To remain unworthy is to be unworthy. To be complacent to assertive behavior is to gratify yourself. In which you become a mirrored image of self satisfactory. Anchored down are probable causes, fornication, discrimination, biopsy, radiology, and dramatic behavior amongst others. We're beautiful just the way we are and can heal just the way we are.

Sobriety and Truth

It's not uncommon for people to self medicate as its a tribulation of our time. Most comonly marajuana and alcohole along with many other lucid drugs PCP, shrooms, LSD, prescribed medicines, meth, angle dust, cocain. Many feel that its convienient to alter their state of consciousness. The truth is a well known fact that drugs aren't good for you. I'd like to elaborate that people find it hard to quit. Profoundly stated many find pleasure in seeking a high. In regards to this matter I suggest avid consultation with our Creator to accept termination of this behavior. Not saying I'll ever quit smoking herb but it doesn't suit me in regards to public abuse. I beleive dopomine is the strongest drug there is. Its well inclined statutes proclaim that its a narcodic on its own. It's not clausable, but they prescribe medication to numb avid altercations of the brain. Dopomine is a spiritual quest. It's possibly one way in which our Creator communicates with us. As a result to this ordained bio-feedback they do away with it by promoting other drugs. Hense dopomine is a natural stimulant which one can develope over spiritual awarness. Instead they exploit the minds of young children and alults alike to over the counter methods such as ridolin, emotrex, invega to name a few. All stimulants which numb the pituitary gland with in the human brain. Characteristics like hunger, crime, intolerance prohibit the way people could thrive with out the medications. It's all a support system that leaves the big man out, our Creator, and cycles back to hospitalizations and rehabs, doctors and pharmacys to make the rich man richer. The stimuli is located in the brain to support natural growth not despondency. These characteristics are common all over the world and its rediculous to see them happening. If one would value their own self worth when it came to drugs they might value their spirtuality a little more. It's crap to see people degrade themselves. As our Creator sees it all anyway. This dosn't even top the charts on the indecentcy drugs expose. I hearby confirm that people have avid consultation with our Creator however you may beleive him/her to be on these basis. He does answer the heart.


Much could be attained by dolphins their systomatically inclined by impulse. Their telegraphed to support frequency barubles undoubtedly they are an intellegent creature. Climing the hightest frequency charts known to man. Notice too how their very playfull with high regards to society. It's no doubt that our Creator plays with these mammals as they are a gift of cheerfullness to humanity. Easy to entertain as they splash upon the abundant waters. Captured by their frequency they have no regards to sin.

Piss ants and Flys

These anphibious creatures are not only annoying but swatter happy and raid worthy. Although their creatures of the divine. Capture yourself ina a moment with a fly. Caught in the instant of time, you killed the son of a bitch. Insects that where created to test our patience. As we all well know ants are quite productive little creatures. Designed to embelish earths dirt. When contaminated in a houshold they become pescuious. Not to mention the blood sucking misquitoes, bees that'll fire your ass up or any insect for that matter. To qualify as bio-degradable subjects of earth. Not to mention the lukrative attainment.

With love and light

sorry if there's any miss spelled words
positive outlook