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Subject Presidential office should be volunteer and not paid
Poster Handle JV520
Post Content
I just had a thought if the presidency was an honor for being a good citizen and of outstanding moral character would it be so bad if it was non paid and weed out the ones who seek to make profits from it? I think that being elected should have at least a career in the military experience since its commander in chief, experience with other cultures I.E tours of duty overseas, no felonies and proper documentation of citizenship just like all members of the armed forces have. Upon completion of presidency and proper and positive progress and vote by congress a retirement package would be provided. We have to many lawyers and buisness men running our country and that's what the problem is it's a for profit position and greed takes it's toll. For once we should have a man or woman that knows what it means to struggle and be aware and been in the shoes of most americans. The founding fathers did not get paid and were responsible for what this country was founded for and yes they fought and knew what it meant to lose brothers to war. As for congress we need people that cant be bought off any findings of bribery should be dealt with severe punishment and jail time, these people are supposed to be moral, just, and fair not bought and sold. As for the candidate process it should not just be a 2 party system but a mix of every type of political view thats just because how are we supposed to progress if were stuck with the same old systems that don't work anymore. Times change and what worked years ago does not work anymore.
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