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Prospective Alternative Living Community seeks feedback

User ID: 20372701
United States
08/15/2012 02:06 AM
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Prospective Alternative Living Community seeks feedback
My family and I are seeking a community of like-minded individuals who strive to be self-reliant yet are motivated to be a part of a group driven by the same goals.

We have been learning about Intentional Communities and after thumbing through pages and pages of dogmatic, new-age, cult-like, pseudo science messiahs... We've decided that what we are pursuing quite possibly doesn't exist...

[link to fic.ic.org]

There are however, plenty of truly amazing community ideas that are all too often tainted with individual greed which tends to destroy the essential element of the overall.

Here is a summary of what we are seeking and have to offer...

It seems these days we are only as big as our resources, wether it be the material
possessions you've amassed, or the line of work you hold. We feel what
we have to offer is not conveyable by resumes, previous educational or
career accolades, specific job capacities, residential locations, or
appearances. Your progress is only as great as your release. This
means an idea is always in motion, if we are the ideas of ourselves,
how can these ideas evolve if they are meant to remain static in the
minds of others?
We see there are opportunities to realize a life with different
values, intentions and desires. Perhaps because we are now introducing
new adults to the world we have some sense of urgency. We recognize
the fertility of the growing human system, its susceptibility to
influence, its thirst for more and its desire to evolve. This is a
timed event. With the window slowly closing we seek refuge in a space
in time that values the primitive elements of modern existence with
all the scientific and some technological advancements, while still
being connected, talking in person, leaving the cell phone and
internet to be the spectators again, reconnecting with my fellow human
in a nonjudgmental arena, where ideas, emotions, individuals and
environment are highest priority.
It almost seems like a fairy tale to imagine something that works,
without competition, possessiveness, negativity and instability. It
shouldn't be so far fetched, our time here is limited, why wait? Why
lose or suppress these ideas in fear of failure or the uncertainty of
whats to come?

Who are we?
A family of four now.
Now curators, narrators and creators for two boys... 1 and 3 years of age..

What do we want for our children?

To find themselves, understand themselves, .
To give them a place to freely express themselves, through all of the
myriad of ways that is achieved (known and unknown).
To find purpose and reason.
To be happy and explore the possibilities without fear.
To make mistakes, as the body and mind require some effort at times to
embrace new ideas and techniques.
Most of all, to give them the ability to make of their lives that
which best suits them, personally.
I recognize we all possess our own personal DNA, each blend requiring
unique attention. We are quick to learn when we are eager to know.

The sense of wonder, awe, anticipation and mystery should always
envelop the world of learning. Too often however we find ourselves
overwhelmed, stretched for time, exhausted from the constant grind of
the 9-5 work week, dueling schedules and balancing responsibility.
When we do see one another the mindset of educational fantasy land
tends to slip by unnoticed. We want to be able to be connected as a
family should be, outside of providing the essentials for human
physical development. We recognize the opportunity to fine tune
ourselves through this process, this is part and parcel of the
overall, as are we. Though it isn't to be taken too lightly, or too
seriously. All too often I see myself attempting to circumvent
potential problems for my children's future. Elements of the
educational, social and consumer systems self perpetuating the
specialization of a species thats capable of a great many things, if
allowed to. This is a pitfall however, a trap, applying bandaids to
our kids for our own harbored wounds. A clean start in a world with
different physical laws to adhere to, principles to apply and
possibilities innumerable. I believe we lose precious parts of our
essence, too early in life now, the pressures of the outside world
produce a state of confusion, isolation and just plain lack. With the
"medicines" offered by typical society the internal conflicts and
deficiencies are only further compounded, exacerbated, exploited then
imploded. Its an unfair test we enroll our children in, sync or swim
or sink or swim, I prefer the former, with swim as a means of self
motivation, independence and problem solving. Only problem is the
children, who become adults, are left alienated early on if they feel
differently then the crowd, having to make a choice between isolation
while maintaining your identity and views, or sacrificing them for the
opportunity to socialize, while neglecting your inner self. I feel
this happens far too often and really is a consistent detriment to the
species. These people with ideas, views and voices need a place to be
themselves, exploring whatever heights there may be. In combination or
even unison with all the others seeking refuge and enlightenment. Very
idealistic indeed.

I'm sometimes a bit too idealistic for my own good, I do however,
firmly believe there is a solution to a lot, if not all of our
cultural and social issues, not that I proclaim to know the answers,
only that they are out there, somewhere. I believe we can make things
flow, harmonically in balance if we can find it in ourselves.

We are at a point in life to make changes. We are serious and

I saw a quote that went something like, "An individual cannot sustain itself, but a
community can". We've taken the responsibility of providing entire
care for our children, we've never lived with family in state, we
recognize that even if you can do it alone, it probably wont be to a
satisfactory level of quality or care. These are staples of a
nurturing life.

We are interested in agriculture, architecture, livestock, alternative energy sources, and other methods of self sustainability... but not entirely reliant on internal methods if need be.
Looking at purchasing land and converting it into residential/ecological/philosophical/forward thinking/living community for families and individuals seeking a higher state of fulfillment and interaction with their community.

I have several ideas for structuring a system of labor, creative placement, and utilizing a vast array of individual skills for the totality of community needs.

In search of feedback and insights.

Anyone interested?