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More Sabre Rattling Kicks off 2006: North Korea Gathers Kit for Nuclear Bombs

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United States
01/01/2006 03:18 AM
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More Sabre Rattling Kicks off 2006: North Korea Gathers Kit for Nuclear Bombs
The Sunday Times (UK) [link to www.timesonline.co.uk]

The Sunday Times - World

The Sunday Times January 01, 2006

North Korea gathers kit for nuclear bombs

Michael Sheridan, Far East Correspondent

NORTH KOREA is working to restart a reactor that would produce enough plutonium to make 10 atomic bombs a year, a leading American nuclear scientist has revealed.

Siegfried Hecker, former director of the US government’s top secret Los Alamos laboratory, also said the North Koreans reprocessed 8,000 fuel rods to make up to 14kg (30lb) of plutonium last summer, despite taking part in six-party talks hosted by China to end their weapons programme.

“They have the plutonium,” he said. “We have to assume the North Koreans can and have made a few nuclear devices.”

Hecker’s revelations were based on information gleaned during two visits to North Korea, the last in August 2005, in which he met physicists and, in a pure moment from spy fiction, was handed a specimen of weapons-grade plutonium, stored in a marmalade jar.

His findings are being studied with increasing concern in Washington. North Korea further hardened its defiant stance this weekend by ending all United Nations food distribution to its people and by ordering out aid workers, including a British team from the charity Save the Children.

Thousands will be put at risk by the decision. The UN’s World Food Programme had been feeding up to 6.4m of North Korea’s 23m people since the famine of the 1990s.

Diplomats believe the expulsions are part of a clampdown ordered by Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s “Dear Leader”, as he prepares to stand alongside Iran to confront the Americans over their right to have nuclear weapons.

Hecker, who was at Los Alamos from 1973-97, gave his warning at a recent conference in Washington as one of the most authoritative observers of North Korea’s programme.

On his first visit to North Korea in 2004, Hecker was taken to the Yongbyon nuclear research centre to meet its director. His hosts brought a small steel container into the conference, containing a wooden box.
[link to www.informationliberation.com]

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/01/2006 04:27 AM
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Re: More Sabre Rattling Kicks off 2006: North Korea Gathers Kit for Nuclear Bombs
Realistically terrorists are probably the only ones that would be crazy enough to use nukes whereas if nations actually exchanged nuclear fire..there wouldn't be much of a world left.