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Message Subject VENUS! Not MARS!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The point is WE CAN LIVE THERE NOW! You just make a geodesic dome - AND IT WILL FLOAT LIKE A BUBBLE with normal Earth air, and Venus contains everything in the air that you need to live. It doesn't require supplies. I guess I just don't know why we are on MARS! If we want to leave Earth, we can do it NOW.

Maybe it would be nice to look at the little blue marble with all it's troubles, and think "wow, I am glad I am not living in that mess anymore!"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 694654

As far away from the Sun as we are and the number of posts about how the Sun is going to kill us with this or that, I could imagine what it'd be like to be that much closer on Venus. If something were to ever happen with the Sun expanding and turning this place inhabitable, Mars is the closest most possible solution that mankind has to survive. I think if we were to invest into this crazy pipedream of inhabiting other planets, the closest to where we are without getting any closer to the Sun the better.

Think of it as a sort of price is right type scenario and Earth is the correct price. Everything closer than the Earth to the Sun is a price above the correct price.

Regardless, there isn't a person on this Earth currently that will visit another Planet and ever return back to this one, unless an alien lifeform presents a technology and destination that can sustain human life
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