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Message Subject VENUS! Not MARS!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is no atmosphere on Mars, only 1% of Earths, and it is doubtful there is any water (it would sublimate into space). And even if there was an atmosphere, the planet and gravity are too small to make the air dense and heavy enough to live in it. And the gravity would still weaken your body, possibly lethaly over time. Do you realize how much it would cost to send buildings and supplies to Mars? On a continual basis? Launching a rocket for a roomful of material?

The Venus atmosphere and gravity are perfect @ 50k. If you read the 1st post, you would see that. Orbiting colonies wouldn't need supplies very often. It's closer too. It has everything you need for all the basics: energy, food, gravity, air-pressure, Oxygen (90x more than Earth!), Nitrogen, Hydrogen/Helium, Sulfur (important "mineral" for plants and people and other chemistry), Water (I guess, since there's clouds!), Waste Disposal ...

With only a few supplemental elements like Magnesium, Potassium, etc, for plants, you could have everything you need to live. You could possibly have a Aquaculture system, and have fish too.
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