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Message Subject Attention All Blacks/Nubians/melanated beings/ether9
Poster Handle Hue Blu
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Light is defined by wavelengths , which is the measure of the distance from one peak or top of a wave of light or energy to another , Cosmic rays being the shortest , and the longest being electric power . Between the two are ; gamma rays which is electronic radiation sent from radioactive decay ranging from 10 thousand to 10 million electron volts ; X-rays , which is a relatively high energy photon or amount of electronic energy used for penetration power ;also ultraviolet light rays . which are a range of invisible radiation ranging from 4 nanometers to 380 nanometers , just beyond the color violet in the visible spectrum ; infrared light rays , a range of invisible radiation bordering along

microwaves about 750 nanometers microwaves , a high frequency electromagnetic wave measuring 1 millilters to 1 meter in length ; television waves , the transferring of visual images and sound using electromagnetic waves with the reconversion of received waves into visual images ; radio waves , a wireless transmissions through space with a frequency of 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz ; and electric power coming from the reaction of attraction and repulsion of un-like and like proton and electrons . Television waves and radio waves are also forms of light laser .

There is also the visible spectrum which runs from 400 nanometers to 700 nanometers in wavelength . Nanometers being one billionth ( 10/9 ) of a meter , from the word Nanna , the Sumerian deirt SIN , and Meter from Greek Metron ,meaning '' measure .'' With all light flowing through a prismor a medium that represents whatever is seen through it , used to separate white light coming from late Latin prisma , from Greek prisma , thing sawed off ,prism , from priein , prizein , to saw ;this light becomes six colors ; yellow ,blue , red ,green. orange ,and purple . Light in its esepheric its atomic level.

When you see full spectrum light in its physical state , it manifests as blackness . That is , all light and colors combined are blackness .And the manifestation of the solid form of light is melanin . Thus , they manifested from the great circle and throne of wisdom to this meager place . This is how the events of creation and Pre-creation were recorded ; when life existed in and beyond the stars . The All is , was and will be . Felt , within a love , a divine love that is unknown or felt by those disagreeable beings , and thus emotions were , At the first birth of emotions was the birth of motion .

( Things Gradually Began To Move About , And It Was Then That Movement And Motion Was Conceived Out Of Triple Darkness , For The Light Birthed The Chaos ) . Thus The Motion To Create Did Manifest In Existence , And All That Exists . Thus ,Things Became What They Were To Become Known As , Before They Existed , Or What TheyWould Exist As , This Is True Caring . If You Say You Love ANU , Then Why Do You Not Have Faith In Anu , Who Is Also Known As El Eloh ? Who Is Called In Rhythm . Allah By The Muslims , Meaning ' Ones Who Are Of Peace , Be On Your Guard , For They Have Been Invaded By The Disagreeable One's Children As Well . Anu Is Also Called Yahweh By The Hebrews ,

Thehos by Christians , And God, by many others . He was appointed by THE ALL as Your caretaker , Anu appointed one of the Yahwehans called Tammuz , son of Ishtar or Innana , Daughter of Nannar Sin also called Isis or Aset . Also Called Astarte , Ashtaroth , the Phrygain Cybele also Sybil and Kai . This Tammuz was also called in tones '' Horus , Thehos , Yashu'a , Isa , Jesus, Kristos , A son of Dammuzi , who is called '' Osiris , Usir , Dionyushadest , an Eli and the Abba of Tammuz or Obata'lah , the Heavenly Father , son of the Heavenly One, Anu , Thus , it is said of this Tammuz ; '' then the Enosites began to call upon the name of the Yahweh '' . If you say , you have faith by way of him , who is your caretaker , Anu , who appointed Yashu'a , Ha Mashiak , Called Isa , Jesus and Tammuz ;

Then I ask you , why do you not trust in him ? For it is Anu , also called El that is trustworthy . If you say , you lovehim , why do you not strive towards him ? And ifyou say , you are sensible , then why do you not tremle at the mention of Anu ? Surely , it is Anu that has been appointed to beyour caretaker , andhas appointed the anointed one , a Yahuwa called Tammuz , From which the door at the gate of Yahuwah the women of that house wept for Tammuz . [ This Is Merely OneOf The Many Houses Of Yahuwa , This Is Record In The Scripture Of Ezekiel 8th degree , the 14th verse . ] . This appointed of Anu was done by THE ALL , within ALL . for as Anu became who he is, it had to be in accordance with the will of all , and the appointment of an anointer was doneby Anu ; both being Yahwehans in THE ALL .

It is he Anu who has transformed from an Etherian into a flesh embodied being , and then returns at will to ether . He was an appointed El Eloh , Allah who saw the confusion ,which was caused by the fusion of emotions . The collision of emotions in this solar system came into beings as time passed , it became known emotionally , as that which isright to do , and that which is wrong to do ; those who agree and those who disagree ; The act that is good , andthe act that is evil. ( Thus , the birth of '' will '' . is the beginning of confusion ) . Confusion arose , and this somberness , a dull feeling was felt in his Anu's heart . Out of divine love and great concern , with compassion and caring , He began to call out and ordered all the blessed and chosen children of THE ALL , the Etherians , Who incarnated into the form of the Anunnaqi , which isknown to many as Aluhum , or Neteru as known to the ancient Egyptian .

He order them to incarnate in his spirit , with the responsibilties for this now desolate solar system . It was here that life of all kind and spiritual beings lived and thrived , Those Extraterrestrials ,the sky dwellers , who came to this planet Earth ; be they Extraterrestrials , Anunnaqi , Neteru , Aluhum , Angelic Beings ,or be they of the terrestrial ,that is of this planet Earth , The land dwellers , and even those beings who came on land from the deep sea ,
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