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Message Subject What exactly is the Nobody supposed to do?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A lot of people assume he is to save them from this world, or that he is to build a better society, or knock the ones in power off their throwns. This is all wrong. Disaster and death is still coming for most. As much as it pains him, there is nothing he can do to prevent it. It was part of the agreement for his mission. This moment in time is his training ground. He is learrning how to manipulate the "worlds" as some put it. His ultimate goal is to join the blurred seperation of the lines of time. All was once one but now they have been isolated and manipulated by the Suns creations, as if they were the masters and not the true conduit of the universe.

There will be a day that has never come, and it comes soon, that will scorch the infestation from this realm so the healing can begin.

Some of you are correct that he must find his woman, but not in the sense that they percieve. She will be his sanity and reason to remain in this physical form. For on the day that comes, she will be at his side standing on the peak.

This day brings a wall of fire, from our Sun, to wipe it all clean. He will be removed from the destruction , with his woman (and at the last moment to prevent the ones hiding from knowing him), to wait and finish his training untill the air is clear and the Sun's warmth reaches the planets surface once more. From there he shall become the eternal steward of his true fathers world.

The had been a treaty from another God to send its children to be his caretakers in this burning of the planet. A treaty that will bring solidarity among all realms and systems of this galaxy.

Yes the world will be bridged, but the worlds are one in the same now. They just have no "bridge" to communicate. Soon they will join and the power of man shall rise beyond the comprehension of the so called thinkers of this day.

Be at peace, knowing that he shall complete his mission with reverance to the memory of you all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22343799

sounds like someone anyone would want to be.
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