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Message Subject What exactly is the Nobody supposed to do?
Poster Handle Stepping through My Shadow
Post Content
You need to help yourselves.

Simple. No one is going to save you.
 Quoting: Chione latilirata

We're too conditioned to 'help ourselves' these days.

The human mind has been rewired in a crazy kind of way.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18932111

Thread: Victimization; Keep the Sheep In-Line
This may be long, but it's a goodie. I wrote this about 3 years ago.

It is unfortunate that we live in a present reality where the only way for global civilizations to transcend past pain and fear is to go trough it at such intense polarities; polarities that create extreme dissension and conflict. We can blame such adverse conditions on the Illuminati, Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, Rockefellers, and the remaining ilk of Secret Societies, benign aliens, Luciferians, government conspiracies, whatever you want. But in the act of blaming, we ourselves become the creators of the tribulations we experience. We can say that we have allowed such behavior to be cast upon us. Is that statement one that you can swallow? It may be a difficult fault to accept, but in its very essence it is a Truth. By pointing the finger to someone else, we have completely misunderstood and distorted the nature of life and essence of Free Will. For individuals, casting blame is a simple way of dissolving responsibility. This dissolution comes at a price; the price of self empowerment. Relieving the self of responsibility pulls one’s self distant from free will choices. To cast blame on to anything else but yourself, is the casting away of your ability to learn life lessons in our pursuit and attainment of Wisdom. Blaming someone else in an attempt at temporary relief or temporary fix to discomfort is a direct result of egotistical paradigms. It is a giving away of your inner strength, free will, and inner growth.

The idea of victimization is a classic form of suppression, an easy manipulation of the populace the end goal of which is to bury the eternal human drive of progress, keeping that drive in a stasis field of inaction. To be subject to victim tendencies is to give up your base human rights in a subtle, therefore brilliant, path to the disempowerment of individuals and individuality. Whether it comes from governmental institutions in the form of welfare, subsidies, and the numerous other types of programs that invisibly manipulate personal motivation and extract will from its disciples by encouraging participants to denounce the prime objectivity of the human condition; Betterment. Teaching societies of victim-hood is a preying on those individuals momentarily in need of immediate help and by strongly influencing those individuals to freely participate in these systems designed to disempower.

The ideology of victim-hood flourishes and branches itself in a self perpetuating manner into other areas of gross manipulation. In the U.S., frivolous lawsuits come to mind, feigning individual empowerment through the constructed claim, ‘I am a victim’. We have and are witnessing this illusory gleaming gem for the temporary fix of individualistic problems as they swell into unhealthy portions as the ones forfeiting to responsibility... take advantage instead.

This is one of many manipulation projects designed to disempower particular segments of populations for generations by giving them easy way outs to exist in relative comfort without the need of personal exploration or the valuable life lessons earned by self improvement. Other avenues using these various long-term degradating systems arise from our many religious institutions birthing this practice by its leaders since their inception; practicing various forms of victim-hood by convincing followers that, from the very beginning of our time here on Earth, we are all the victims of evil tendencies and are the physical embodiment of original sin.

The ‘victim’ concept teaches that the power to absolve our negative tendencies comes not from within the self (as it healthily should) but from without the self, from a source of power external to our selves. This further tract of manipulation effectively gives away your individualistic power to some falsely invented external force as a means to solve individual problems by dangling the carrot to bait their insecurities.

In denying our spirit the growth and experience that comes from personal solutions to personal crisis, we shackle the foremost tool that binds spiritual growth and conscious evolution. It is a surrendering, and resultant stagnation, of the gloriously unique personal spirit to a false ideal playing out as a savior, a savior disembodied from your true beingness imprisoning mankind, keeping steadfast the strength of individualism from percolating through to the overall collective conscious, thank the workings of Carl Jung. Organizations which prefer unending dominance will – as their base tenant – infuse the false basic premise of placing blame and the constituent victim-hood ideology on that which is outside of you. This clever formula strips the divine right of personal control and personal responsibility, diluting your own fortitude; however that fortitude should manifest in your life experiences. “Keep the sheep in line.”

Awareness of these debilitating tactics is surfacing across our collective, but possibly at a pace much too slow. People en masse are beginning to recognize disempowering social patterns created and vigorously maintained by our various institutions, but have yet to rise in tipping point numbers to reverse the overall effect in society as a whole. Though admittedly smaller segments of populations are displaying resistance to its poisonous grip and are therefore remaining resourceful unto themselves.

So rise up and take responsibility for your life. Cast the disempowering thought contextualized in that of being a victim. In so doing you put the control of your life, your spirit, back in your hands. In the words of Carlos Castaneda, Live like a Warrior.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals
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