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Message Subject What exactly is the Nobody supposed to do?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you ever heard the nobodies story of the fish in the fish tank

the fish was born in a fish store and never knew about the ocean. he was bought from the store the first day and was the prize fish for the guy who bought him the guy had a great fish tank and the fish was very happy and lived well then one day a new fish entered the tank and said hello im going to be living here with you is that okay .the original fish was happy to have a friend and they didnt seem to bother one another then a week later the guy buys 2 more fish and now there are 4 fish in the fish tank and one of them is much bigger than the rest. so the next day is feeding day. the food gets put into the tank and the biggest fish in the tank takes most of the food and gives about 1% to the original fish in the tank the others get alot more. so the original fish seeing his predicament knows I was here first and now im getting fucked over. so he talks to the other fish and asks why they ate all the food. the biggest fish says because im bigger than you i need more food. the small fish says i guess so but its not fair this is my home and you are my guest. the big fish looks at him and says well now this is my home and you can fuck off. so the small fish now angry and in fear for his life doesn't know what to do.
so what would you do? the small fish decides to plays dead the next day and the owner sees the fish laying at the bottom of the tank.the owner is sad he gets the fish out of the tank with his net. And decides to put it into his bait bucket with the shrimp he has to go fishing on that day because he thought it would be a better funeral then the toilet. the bait bucket is filled with salt water for the live bait he has and the owner drives to the beach to go fishing. the fish in the bucket asks the shrimp hey whats going on here. the shrimp say you are a dead man walking the ocean is full of things that will eat you. the guy gets to the beach and gets in the water gets his fishing pole out and heads for the water with his bait bucket. the fish doesn't know where he is but he knows now is his only chance for true freedom and hopes for a better life. the owner opens the bait bucket and the fish he thought was dead leaps out and into the ocean. a week later owner goes on a trip to see relatives and pays a kid to watch his house and feed his fish. the kid never feeds the fish and they all die. meanwhile the original fish lives a full happy life in the ocean. the end
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21154164

if the other fish in the tank would have been nice or shared the food they would all be dead there was a purpose to it. if the other fish payed any attention to the original fish or even cared that he looked like he was dead at the bottom of the tank or asked him what hes doing personally they may have stood a chance at following him to a great full life in the ocean they never knew existed
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