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Message Subject What exactly is the Nobody supposed to do?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Eye Know of the ONE they call "the Nobody". He is simple in a very compleX waY. people ask if he is 'the christ', but it has been of my eXperience they know nothing of that charactor. They know nothing of who he was nor who he will be. "THEY" seem to know less then they think they do know, but isn't that seems always 2B the way of mankind. This is self evident in OP's question "be the new Christ?". As if there were more then the ONE.

Man such that is of limited understandings, needs return to the most basic understandings of what it is to be B4 they should try to understand what is to be.

I have seen too many ASSume to understand higher consepts without the proper foundations. This leads to disasters both of their own self and roth upon others by the crumbling structure of a self obsessed biased understanding that is of lacking structure. You should build your temple upon solid ground. You should have a good base of understanding what is true and what direction is up. Then you should put the foundation stones upon that good ground. The basic buildingblocks of mankind, civilization, and a personal understanding of what it is to be human is required of each that would assume to rise higher then the base level.

and this is where we are at now. Major structures, not only of culture, socieity, but the very foundations of men crumble beneath the weight of the world because they were not built soundly. And sadly that one THEY call the "NOBODY" knows how to fix all those things, but THEY would rather him wave a maGiK wand or something to fix what THEY see as wrong while leaving what THEY want to beLIEve they like as "right".
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