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G.o.p. Fragmented...Obama? Rothchilds..Soro's...own Voting software!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/29/2012 12:17 AM
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G.o.p. Fragmented...Obama? Rothchilds..Soro's...own Voting software!
The Department of Justice announced March 8th that it will require Election Systems & Software (ES&S) to divest voting equipment systems assets it purchased in September 2009 from Premier Election Solutions Inc. (Formerly known as Diebold) in order to restore competition. The assets to be divested include the means to produce all versions of Premierís (Diebold) hardware, software and firmware used to record, tabulate, transmit or report votes, including the Assure 1.2 system, and a license to better serve disabled voters.

The Rothschild Family are part owner of the largest voting machine company. The Rothschilds own ES&S which produces the software for the voting machines, the company that produces the hardware is the Diebold company. The ES&S company (Rothschild) has just purchased Diebold, giving Rothschild complete control over both software and hardware for certain voting machines.
[link to watchdogcentral.org]