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Message Subject The Nobody?
Poster Handle assiah
Post Content
hey, if im the nobody, I want my property back, and public apologies from, the police, fbi, cia, secret service, president and presidential system, along with everyone listed on [link to www.tullsbaymarina.hostei.com] should be arrested and jail ... and when you read my story .. you can see im a man of peace and love who told the truth and found out, someone has something going on big here... there is music and movies about whats still all real and I can line it up in front of everyone, like I shouldnt be able to. This pisses off the masons and everyone who lied on me and cheated me.... cuz it makes me something the government cant control, and they are the problem , and ... everyone knows.

 Quoting: Zakk

you are forgetting something my friend.

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