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Message Subject The Nobody?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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As far as him having "shrugged," I'm more looking for the personality that's associated with Kalki (among other figures). As far as I know about this individual, he and his cohorts end up living quite the extraordinary lives.
 Quoting: Jacob4545

You need to understand well enough New Years Eve. It's that last day of the year but it isn't the new year yet. Events go on all around the globe. Then the stroke of midnight, everything changes, and it is the new year. You should try to understand that as fully as you can here.

Because not unlike that period of time is the old and new world epochs. The stroke of midnight is about the dec21 2012 date. And everything builds upto that moment in time, and at that moment everything changes.

When Michael started, he couldn't even get a negitive look thrown his way, he was so ignored. This is because of the nature of reality between the old world cycle of time and the new world cycle of time. It's something i address as the dream of death.

You see, a person might have influence over another person or persons. There is little to argue there. It is a basicly accepted fact. However there are other elements to the influence over mankind. One such influnce was higher creatures that devlope reality for the minds of mankind. Real beings, that manipulate reality in such a way as to create a common mindset upon mankind.

Those beings that ruled upon this planet joined the rebellion. They were removed from power but not yet removed from their seats. SO they can through manipulation of mankind confuse the issues. This creates the dream of death that is which people address as "asleep" vs "awakened".

However their very abilities to do such is dependent upon their not being removed.

So like i said Michael couldn't even get a kick to the head when this whole thing started, and now just before the stroke of midnight the world is awakening in such a way that treads and stories are being spun. And as the time passes through to the new world epoch, that too will grow.

That's not it. However I'll have to finish up this post some how. So there are those also here for this time period. Their numbers are more then 144 and the types more then human. They awaken as the time wines down.

Yet there are also many many that think they are doing the work of gods, and they are leftovers from the dream of death.
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