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Message Subject The Nobody?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yeah, again I read through that Urantria stuff and saw a letter written to Michael for his bestowal, but nothing is really clicking with me so far. I personally believe this character to be the jump-off point for either a new root race or sub-race, and the Urantria texts suggest he shouldn't have children.
 Quoting: Jacob4545

The Bestowal of Michael was the Jesus epic. There is not much in the way of direct prophecy or statements about this period of time. This doesn't mean there isn't any. The Urantia text are layers with deeper and deeper understandings.

If i were to push you to a piece it would be about the court selection and planet reading itself for the court cases to be ruled over.

I could address those issues, but that is a far cry off from the nobody spin, and it would be more effort then it is worth. There is NO shorting the Urantia papers and the knowledge contained within them.

The idealisim is that there was to be no direct refrence within the urantia papers to the upcoming epical. But each paper has its fair share of shadowed understandings. A good place to start is the rebelion of luciefer and the problems with the rebellion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21656968

there is a place prepared for you in the coming Age

your works have not gone unnoticed

we've got a dunce cap that will just fit your empty head in fact and wear it well you will
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