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Message Subject Tired of the hunger!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I work like everyone else. I maintain a home. I have fun when the opportunity arrises.

I'm your standard 20-something struggling to find my place.

What I have began to notice is that the overall quality of living here in the states and the world in general has DRASTICALLY fallen in just 1 year.

In 1 year I've moved into my own home. In 1 year I've moved up twice at work and am training for the third. In 1 year I've began to develop facial hair (haha). In 1 year, I've developed more knowledge than in all of the 19 years prior.

But most importantly, I've seen a steady decline in my quality of life.

Some days ill go without eating, relying on diet pills to give me energy.

Those days also lead to no sleep.

Some days ill wake to a notice of only pennies remaining in my account.

The scary trend is that this is becoming acceptable.

I'm busting my ass trying to stand for truth and liberty and its still crashing around me.

I mentioned Ron Paul and a girl asked if I was talking about Ronnie from jersey shore...

It's so... Sad? If you think emotionally.

I just want to live.

I actually think it would be easier in many places to live off the land. Easy is not necessarily the best word, but life is about survival, not slavery.

 Quoting: SeriousNews

This your answer then.

Run rabbit run, but keep a goal in mind. Perhaps one of self sufficiency. With the right people, places and things, all can be different. Perhaps instead of investing so much time in a mythical savior of humanity you should consider saving yourself.
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