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As for the saying here you can uncheck but you can never leave

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09/05/2012 01:06 AM
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As for the saying here you can uncheck but you can never leave
I think this is not true, the door is here.

Although you will be only energetically allowed to leave if you clear your footprint. If you try to leave just to try to clear your energies, you will see that it will haunt you back.

You will only have to choices: either you come back, not wanting to face it and continue as usual to preserve the status quo or you have to face your own shadow and clear what you have sown here.

You will see the more you balance yourself and clear your attachment to those energies or any thoughts from the forum, the easier it is to scroll back to the threads thinking WTF??

When you start thinking WTF?? to what you emotionally involved yourself in, you will see that not only the door to uncheck is here but to leave too.

**I know it as my own experience and now consider it as a work in progress**