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Message Subject Fox News just played the same clip it played months ago! MK Glitch!!!!!
Poster Handle Six Six Six
Post Content
Holy WOW I never thought I'd see this happen!

On "Happening Now" with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee.

They were talking with an economist named David and he was talking foodstamps and how the American people have become more reliant on government assistance.

What struck me was not a sense of Deja Vu. Nope.

It was literally the same exact script as before!

He read off the numbers and how they've grown and she just agreed with him, nodding.

It was by the books the exact same script i had heard MONTHS ago!

I think it can be proven by their slip up saying June when its September...

Fucking EPIC FAIL!!!
 Quoting: SeriousNews

MEANWHILE... Fox news is completely downplaying the 7.6-7.9 quake that just struck. Going on and on about meaningless politics and other nonsense stories.

A 7.6+ quake is breaking news, and they are barely mentioning this happening.

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