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Subject The Creator does not need your love. Its you who need to experience it, so that you rise to his worlds of beauty, light and freedom
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"It is by our inner attitude that we either draw closer to the Lord or distance ourselves from him. Try, then, to find the right attitude; think of the Lord with respect, wonder and love. By means of these feelings you enter into harmony with him and vibrate in unison with him, and something of his quintessence begins to descend in you. You sense that you are enlightened in his light, that you love with his love, that you are free in his freedom and that you rejoice in his joy. When you love someone deeply, you are united in the same sensations because you vibrate on the same wavelength. This is a basic law of physics, and people should think more about applying laws they have discovered in the material world to the spiritual world.
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