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Baltic Sea UFO Diving Team Returns To Mysterious Object

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09/08/2012 02:23 PM

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Baltic Sea UFO Diving Team Returns To Mysterious Object
Baltic Anomaly: New Expedition After Astonishing Images

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

Veteran Swedish treasure hunters, the Ocean Explorer Team will at last embark on a long anticipated return trip to the massive and mysterious object lying some 85 metres under the Baltic Sea – known simply as the “Baltic Anomaly”.

- New Multi-Beam Sonar Images Released Contradict Mainstream “Explanations”

- Voyage Begins Next Saturday 8th September and Will Last 8-9 days

- Team Will Look At Other Shipwrecks Also To Finance This Project

- Excitement As Team Will Investigate Second Anomaly For The First Time

- New Expedition Should Provide More Answers To Object’s Origin

- New Images Show 2-3 Metre Long Square With Perfectly Round Hole Inside

- Depressions With Perfectly Straight Edges Many Metres Long

The team, led by OceanX founders Dennis Aasberg and Peter Lindberg will leave Norrtälje harbour, Sweden on the 8th September after a second trip in July ended in disappointment due to multiple equipment failures. Despite this previous setback, the team are determined to get answers and when you see the latest sonar images you will understand why.

Out of place

This unnatural looking mushroom shaped structure protrudes vertically upwards out of the normally featureless seabed by an incredible 12 metres (40 feet) with the dome on top spanning an impressive 60 metres (180 feet) – equivalent to the wingspan of a commercial airliner. This is no small find!

Not only is the massive scale of the object utterly impressive, but the other thing that hits you between the eyes is also how ridiculously out of place it seems. The Baltic Sea is what’s known as a “dead-zone” with massive expanses of flat and featureless seabed. Yet in the middle of it all we find a 12 metre high champagne cork shaped object literally – “sticking up like a sore thumb”. Then there is the tantalizing prospect of the as yet uninvestigated second and third anomalies lying close by and begging closer inspection.

When news first broke of the finding back in June? 2011 a sensationalist world media jumped on the images comparing the sidescan sonar images to Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon. In truth, there was a very real visual similarity when the top-down views were compared but not much in the way of substance beyond that. The OceanX team, like the rest of us, were eager to solve the mystery and so here we are on the verge of another return trip and another voyage into the unknown, or perhaps a voyage into our own distant human origins.

[link to truthfall.com]

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