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Subject As I raise my Vibration; high frequency of God divine light and love, I heal and transform the world.
Poster Handle jacksprat
Post Content
I am one with Unity consciousness!!!!!

I release and let go all mind and emotional blockages and give to Source( Father and Mother God);our sun the cosmic Christ and Mother Gaia.

I embrace the divine love and light and allow for transformation and renewal.

I love you!!!!

I breathe in Fire from the sun

Hold Breath; i now transform my water DNA structure

I breathe out Air my illumination of light and love.

I anchor into Earth, our Mother.

I trust in the Power of divine love.

My mind, spirit, and body are one, I am in the present moment.

I empower myself; so i can empower others. I am an eternal spirit having a hu-man experience.

I am centered in my heart, mind and spirit.

I am a peaceful warrior.

In the moment I transcend all duality, polarity and old thoughts that do not serve and I burn those thoughts in the chalice of the heart.

Help me Father and Mother God to become more hu-man.

I love you!!!

Thank you, i am in gratitude to be here now.
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