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Message Subject Epiphany! The 4 horseman are here! dOOm!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have had a few instances where an epiphany has changed a lot in my life and i have a feeling this is one if them. Not too long ago i had a roomate who worked around 50 hours 6 days a week. We had a praying mantis fly through our window and i swear to god looked at me, mom, and my roomate and took off. I looked up what it meant and it said that a praying mantis is a sign that you need to calm down and possibly meditate. That night, i felt the energy of the earth, genuinely felt it. And i cried. For 15 minutes i cried.

The same feeling i got with the praying mantis, is the feeling i had when me and him both saw this truck. Idk about my cousin, but i have been searching for signs of whats to come. And it just so happened to be on 9/11. Im backing my story up with him 100%to and if anyone has questions we will both comment.

We are up for disscussion, not argument. We just wish to learn and teach
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22013879

Cool, I just caught one a few days ago, it was mating, too, got to watch it have it's little "mate meal" afterward. And, then, over the next few days, I did indeed remember that I had forgotten to continue with the meditation exercises I'd begun a while back. Just a coincidence, or?
 Quoting: Geo777

Its a subconscious thought. Its called the "praying" mantis for a reason too. It alwaus makes sure its ready to do something before it does it. Its a deep thinker. And the way it stands has been made a stance in self defence. Our minds catch a lot of things we dont understand. Anything we encounter is a changing experience. So, in fact, i dont believe it was a coincidence. I feel everyone should meditate and everyonce in a while pray for healing in yourself and others.

When the fifth seal is broken, we will wish we had never been alive. And i feel the sinkhole is the catalyst.
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