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Message Subject Epiphany! The 4 horseman are here! dOOm!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When I heard a trumpet blast roll across the sky, It sparked something in me.....

I see many things that could be clear open signs. But I am also wary of the possibility of deception.

But really, a trumpet blast in the sky? Animals dying by the 100's of thousands? Fire , floods, earthquakes? Disease?

It's hard to believe that it's not the fulfillment of prophesy.

I was thinking on it just today, the oceans and the rivers and the sky are polluted, the whole world is subjugated until some evil tyrannical government.

Nobody knows what to believe.

Not to mention I was told of all of this before it even started to happen.

It's pretty far out.
 Quoting: RAgnor 20239359

Well my cousin (OP) and i, have been talking about all this stuff since like 2to years ago. Hes the one that gets me into conspiracies and current events around the world. He showed me a video of a woman on youtube who predicted the japan earthquake like 2 days before it happened and thats the first that sparked my intrest. We may not have all the answers and hey, that semi could have been just random. But were both practicing spiritually and were both looking for answers. That truck gave me the chills. And o remember every little detail. Just to think it was just about 12 hours ago i saw it.

I had a dream last night (one i finally rememeber) me and my mother were resting underwater (in a way asleep) and i see about a 4inchwormhole round and about 14 feet long (from what i see) idk what happened to mom idk if she was bit or anything. But it bit the back of my ankle and swam away. As soon as it bit me, blood started to cover me because of the water, but it wasnt like blood. It travelled faster than blood would underwater. But i know that no matter what, a snake is a sign of healing. My friend told me about a dream he had where a snake wrapped around his ankle.

I study dreams and nature and base ideas off feelings i get etc. Etc.

If anyone wants to talk about any of this im here. And BEEB! wake up and talk some more lol.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17314336

Im sorry thats supposed to be a snake. My phone messes up and puts random words after i put a number. Its a 4inch wide 14 foot snake
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