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Message Subject Epiphany! The 4 horseman are here! dOOm!!!
Poster Handle YeshaYaHu
Post Content
When I heard a trumpet blast roll across the sky, It sparked something in me.....

I see many things that could be clear open signs. But I am also wary of the possibility of deception.

But really, a trumpet blast in the sky? Animals dying by the 100's of thousands? Fire , floods, earthquakes? Disease?

It's hard to believe that it's not the fulfillment of prophesy.

I was thinking on it just today, the oceans and the rivers and the sky are polluted, the whole world is subjugated until some evil tyrannical government.

Nobody knows what to believe.

Not to mention I was told of all of this before it even started to happen.

It's pretty far out.
 Quoting: RAgnor 20239359

What if the trumpet blast was a command issued by an "angel" and was seen by many all over the world over the internet?

What would the movement of our consciousness look like to old time seers who have never even conceived of a computer?
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