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Message Subject I quit school because...
Poster Handle SeriousNews
Post Content
In high school I was an honors student with an above 4 GPA. I felt it was my duty to get a proper education and to make a living doing what I loved.

I busted my ass and felt accomplished for the most part. I was given a decent scholarship at a central Indiana school, a very large reputable one.

I couldn't be more excited.

I moved out on my own and started to make a living on my own while going to school. Loans were the majority of my college tuition payment and the scholarship helped a bit with books and things .

I went through my first semester rather mindlessly. In fact, I don't remember too much of it. I began smoking cannabis regularly and went through a massive awakening.

I went from brainwashed liberal to freedom carrying libertarian. From somewhat financially stable to on the rocks.

I woke up. I became spiritually involved. I started seeing what was truly going on, and that it was much bigger than anything I could even imagine.

I then resented school. I saw the venomous snakes running the place. The obvious liberal bias on every matter, and succumbing to the powers of the over powerful government, even in a republican heavy Indiana.

What made me quit?

It was the teacher. I'm not afraid to post his name. It was rick ranucci.

On the first day of semester 2, rick made it known he was a public defender, and a socialist.

He made fun of those who questioned and said they were afraid of truth and filing their lives with their own truths. He brought up 9/11 and said people were mentally sick to think our government was capable of something so vile.

I sent him an email after only attending 2 or 3 of his "Logic" course periods, a course required of all freshman. The syllabus called for a restructuring of how it was we were thinking.

I said I didn't want to take this course and I wanted to withdraw.

They denied my request because it was a required course and gave me a failing grade.

They revoked my scholarship.

They put me on academic probation.

And that is where it now stands.

I won't return.

It feels wrong even thinking about.

I want to live, not follow the course of someone else's ways.

It's just sad... Sad to see the young and old sitting in the classroom eating up the bullshit...

I went from academic genius to failure. At least by the numbers.

To myself, the only self that can make decisions forme, I made the right choice. I choose a free mind living through the struggles of life and enlightenment.

My soul tells me, and any of you who follow your intuition, that this test is the final test. The test of life.

No test from a book can ever match that.
 Quoting: SeriousNews

Sorry to hear about your experience. I too had that same experience. But I knew how they thought and what to write and how answer their questions. Never could you speak in class the truth.
I remember I was in a Masters level Woman's Study Course. I was the first man to take the class as it was a newer offering. I was surrounded by frothing at the mouth, man hating militant lesbians. I was attacked one night in an estrogen pit full of blind hatred for men, but the instructor, a grey haired bull dyke came to my rescue. Because on my papers and tests I spoke her language. I was a miracle man. The one man in a million.

But in the end they confer upon you a Diploma, that says you have all rights and honors to practice.....Your chosen profession. And you can practice on your terms and beliefs.

I encourage you to take his class again. Make an A and get yours and practice any way you like!
 Quoting: FubarMan

I would feel bad looking back and seeing I chose to go back...

That's leading my life not with virtue, but with deceit.
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