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Message Subject I quit school because...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Mac I know your pain. I walked away from my master's degree not too long ago due to my adviser not doing his job. He would say it was an important topic, give me all the encouragement in the world, then belittle me behind my back and not help in any of the work. So I did it all myself and when I had to have him look over my chapters I got a "I don't have time for this." Exact quote

I waited an extra semester on him, paid out of pocket instead of the GTA position I was damned lucky to get, and got the same response when crunch time came. So I just walked away. Haven't talked to him or any of the other faculty there at all since.

I was not just a slacker either. I taught several labs, was representative to the student council, the topical honor society local chapter president, and even recommended for a national position. So when I walked, it was not an easy decision for me.

You are not alone in your experience though. I have heard of others do this because it was the right thing in their conscious to do. Things will be tough for you, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself who you want to be, someone who thinks for themselves and refuses to be pushed and prodded like some cow, or just another student.

Obviously if you have the standing to get such accolades in the first place you have the capability of teaching yourself just as our forefathers did: with books, time, and grit. Heck most of the college courses could easily be dissected and learned for the cost of a textbook (and even that can be negated if you buy used or get it through a library). You just have to make lists of questions that you want to answer by your self-education. Check the chapter glossaries for major theorems and concepts (anymore they make study guides to highlight these). If you get stuck somewhere, find a message board on the topic and post your question, what you've done to research it, and where you need some guidance. Most of the time you'll get decent responses and you will get people who will try to troll you (as happens anywhere sadly).

Genius is just a word, its what you do in this world that counts.
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