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USAF Ready For Space Wars Game

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United States
01/09/2006 07:25 AM
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USAF Ready For Space Wars Game
The US Air Force has just put out a request for proposal for a "Gaming and Training Environment for Counter Space Operations." In other words, they're ready for Ender's Game. Or maybe Space Wars.

The proposed intent of the software is to develop tactics, techniques and procedures relating to four key tasks: detect, identify, track and disrupt activities from space vehicles. In part, the request states:

This effort will explore the training utility of developing a gaming environment where these tasks can be trained and rehearsed in a realistic set of scenarios and simulations. The environment will need to have object models to simulate interactions between satellites and ground stations, model track data, display raw sensor data, and have the capability for multiple players to participate and to provide command and control and other tactical and operational information and interaction to the game.

In the Hugo- and Nebula-awardwinning 1985 book Ender's Game [link to www.technovelgy.com] , Orson Scott Card writes about a gifted young boy who is taken by the military to train and fight in a series of "war games" in simulation. The games become more difficult and more sophisticated, until he finally aces his final exam - and learns that his responses to "simulations" are actually being used to defeat an alien species.

The Army has a similar program; read America's Army and the Last Starfighter. Read more about the USAF story at DefenseTech [link to www.defensetech.org] and the Air Force proposal [link to www.acq.osd.mil] .

[link to www.space.com]
User ID: 46255
United Kingdom
01/09/2006 07:32 AM
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Re: USAF Ready For Space Wars Game
4 - BMD as part of program for weaponisation and warfighting in outer space.

United States Space Command Vision 2020, specifically notes that National Missile Defence is a "key" to "Global Engagement Capabilities." "Global Engagement is the application of precision force from, to, and through space." Vision 2020 notes the rationale for NMD and global engagement: "The requirement for Global Engagement is based upon the increasing proliferation of missile systems ...", but then continues to give a much wider purpose; "Dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect US national interests and investment. Integrating Space Forces into warfighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict.

More recently a report from the US Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Managament and Organization headed by US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recommended that US president should "have the option to deploy weapons in space to deter threats to and, if necessary, defend against attacks on U.S. interests." Maj. Gen. Brian Arnold, director of space and nuclear deterrence in the Air Force secretary's acquisitions office, stated that "The Air Force strongly supports the space commission report and is already moving to implement many of (its) recommendations."

[link to www.space4peace.org]